Choose Your Interest Rate at any ABC MotorCredit Location

You've got the power to choose!

Rates as low as 2.9%

Think it’s impossible to have a low interest rate at a Buy Here, Pay Here used car dealer? It's not only possible, but is used time and again by ABC MotorCredit Success Stories.

Buy Here, Pay Here used car lots have a well-deserved reputation for high interest rates because of the specialty bad credit financing they offer. But, you can still save from paying too much in interest at ABC MotorCredit.

Here's how it works:

  • 30% down payment drops your interest rate by 12%
  • 15% down payment reduces your interest rate by 6%
  • Increasing weekly payment by as little as $5.00 lowers interest rate by 3%
  • Payments directly withdrawn (AutoPay) reduces interest rates by 1%

You are able to use any combination, or all of the discounts above. You are in control, even if you have less than perfect credit. Follow these steps to quickly be on the road to better credit, and becoming the next ABC MotorCredit Graduate!



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